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why is it necessary to sell online?
Stats on Online Shopping
online shopping is on the rise

Since the advent of E-commerce, online shopping in Pakistan and everywhere around the world has been in a continuous state of evolution due to its dynamic nature. With the sheer amount of data available on the modern consumer driving the ability to tailor experiences, the way we buy and sell online has undergone a complete transformation. The process of buying and selling any business’s products takes place via an E-commerce platform or store.

Since the inception of online shopping, the comfort, safety, and user experience of e-commerce platforms have been transformed.



The ongoing pandemic has resulted in the accelerated adoption of online buying and this shift in behaviour is expected to outlast the pandemic. Online spending now constitutes a higher share of overall consumer spending across the globe. Your business can set itself up for lasting success if e-commerce is integrated as an integral part of your strategy.

We have seen a surge in online shopping and the relentless shift in preference from brand loyalty to service loyalty. Businesses have had to renew their modus operandi to sustain themselves in the market.

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How to Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer globally, with over 150 million users and the largest fulfillment service with years of industry know-how. As of 2019, Amazon marketplace has over 2.5 million active sellers selling their products. Amazon’s seller central is an incredible growth-oriented solution for brands and sellers. Amazon will take care of the delivery, customer service and help your brand launch. All you have to do is focus on selling and growing your business.


How to Sell on Daraz?

As the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan, Daraz needs no introduction. They provide various branded products spanning categories such as clothing, footwear, apparel, jewelry, and accessories at affordable rates. Opening a Daraz seller account empowers businesses by offering access to one of largest online marketplaces across South Asia and the convenience to easily exchange and return items. Subsequent to Alibaba acquiring Daraz, local exporters are now provided with important information on global trade to better equip them to build a profitable business.


How to Sell on AliBaba?

Alibaba is the king of the E-commerce marketplace and Pakistani sellers can sign up! It’s called the king as it’s larger than eBay, and it manages more than 80 percent of China’s ecommerce business. The Alibaba online marketplace consists of a multitude of websites for different purposes, such as cloud services, online payments, mobile apps, etc. Though the U.S.-based internet-technology giants like Amazon and Facebook are more prominent, Alibaba is the true hidden gem of the digital world – giving access to the Chinese market, which is expected to be the world’s largest retail market within a year



E-commerce websites can help scale your business and better understand consumers. We can learn what the consumers like to buy most, when they typically buy, and also our ability to fulfill any orders. Setting up Daraz or Amazon accounts and developing a diverse range of products can help scale your business and achieve profitability.

Less Time Intensive

After the initial launch, you will not have to invest too much time rejigging your website. Continuous optimisations can be made to make it a seamless buying experience for the customer, which helps build increased loyalty.

No Geographical Limitations

Your business can be successfully operated and managed from anywhere in the world. However, it is essential for you to have access to the internet, emails and phones to oversee your operations.

No Opening Time Restrictions

Existing, as well as prospective customers, can view your E-commerce websites at any time of the day. Once acquired, you can employ sales strategies to upsell and cross-sell to these customers. Upselling means recommending products that are directly related to customer preference. Upselling will encourage existing customers to buy more premium products in their preferred categories and drive up their average basket value. Cross-selling encourages customers to buy additional products that complement their existing purchases. These are all strategies to boost sales revenues for your business.

Lower Set Up and Running Costs

Setting up E-commerce websites versus selling your products in a brick and mortar (offline) store will enable a wider reach and achieve lower operational costs. Your entire sales mechanisms are automated online. Hence, overhead costs and staff wages are minimized. This enables you to re-invest the cost savings to further develop your website, potentially expand your product offering or conduct research on your customer.


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