The campaigns
Market Research
Our team researched LocateMotions’s ideal audience, and target profile, using meticulous market research. We developed an inbound marketing strategy focused on educating those audiences on their challenges and opportunities.
We devised a content strategy, researched keywords, developed content, and built highly technical ebooks designed to convert leads.
We hit the ground running, using intense blogging, SEO, on-page and off-page optimization.
Marketing Automation
We used marketing automation to help nurture contacts and accelerate efforts and built landing pages that we promoted heavily in the most important channels.
Paid Advertisement
We used paid search and LinkedIN sponsored targeting to attract and convert the right prospects to qualified leads.
Analytics and Monitoring
We continuously analyzed, monitored and tweaked our strategy so as to achieve the maximum efficacy.
the results

Within two months of implementing our inbound solution, LocateMotion began seeing an increase in both traffic and leads, starting with paid media. As we continued to build and promote landing pages, blog and manage marketing automation, traffic and leads continued to trend positively.

By the end of month three we had generated their first two BOFU leads from our efforts and had 9 TOFU leads lined up. They were seeing a 200% increase in traffic, with a 22% increase in website leads. Our contract stated a 2% conversion rate and we delivered a 22.22% conversion making it 1011% more than what we had to deliver. The client was ecstatic and so were we.