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The team at The Square Peg believes in giving back to society and is determined to set practices that will contribute in nurturing young-minds and providing them with a hands-on experience to a startup culture.The Square Pact is our Mentorship Program where we will select a few students in the age bracket of 15-20 year olds and offer them an internship opportunity at our company.The Square Pact will comprise of various digital-marketing modules where selected candidates will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience.

How it Works


Why The Square Pact

The Square Pact is the perfect internship opportunity for multiple reasons:

We’re the best in the industry

Our list of awards say so! And we’ve brought international practices to a local market which will provide mentees an opportunity to learn under the super vision of the most talented people in this field.


A hands-on Start Up culture exposure Mentees at The Square Pact Will work

They will be assigned tasks, they will be groomed, counseled and their minds will be picked at in every brain storming session so they learn to research, organize thoughts, develop their creative skills and adorn as many roles as they possibly can in a work-place environment.


We’re fun

Snack basket, brain storming sessions, team-building exercises, in-person counseling and learning sessions, we’re more than just a digital-marketing agency!


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