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The Single National Curriculum SNC is an initiative of the Pakistani Government to create One System of Education for All in term of curriculum, medium of instruction, and a standard assessment platform so that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education. The Single National Curriculum operates under numerous recognized Stake holders and consultants; the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan and religious councils. The SNC has three developmental settings with systematic strategies to build a brand image among demographically varied target audiences nationwide. For this purpose, The SquarePeg was hired to establish SNC’s Strategy Alignment, Narrative Building, Creating and Monitoring Brand Sentiment, Influencer Marketing, Graphic Designing, Videography/Photography, Event/Coverage, OOH and PR.

Challenges Faced & Overcome

The head team of SNC required awareness branding of the initiative among stakeholders, parents, and students nation wide. With immensely challenging work, the team at SNC was bogged-down by the overhaul of social media theories and assumptions pertaining to the work that was being done. The SquarePeg had the task to device and execute a social media strategy that highlighted SNC’s work while also creating a positive public sentiment and countering any propaganda that SNC was subjected to.


Marketing Strategy & Execution

The complexity of SNC’ s goals required multiple brainstorming sessions, in-person meetings and discussions to create content that was true to SNC’ s mission. Team SquarePeg was up for the challenge and not only helped SNC meet its goals through innovative awareness branding solutions at multi levels but also recreated its brand image across Pakistan through social media platforms. In Islamabad, Team SquarePeg covered SNC symposiums , created marketing strategies, and provided them with multiple thematic-specific branding standees, backdrops , media walls, photo booths, and awareness branding. The SquarePeg also did activity based branding walls and used a Pakistani map to be signed by conference participants which was a much appreciated and lauded idea. The Social Media & Content Crew at The SquarePeg also did content management for SNC by providing research intensive scripts for their digital media strategies and Press Releases for all their events that were featured in leading news papers .


Team SquarePeg was triumphant in completing all required objectives of SNC and established its awareness branding nationwide. The videos, animations, graphics, event-branding were all lauded by the SNC team.