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Nauman Jaffar CEO LocateMotion
Nauman Jaffar

I find them to be flexible and great value for money. The current online presence has produced more leads for both the top and bottom of the funnel. The team excels at their willingness to work based on success.

Raihan Masroor CEO YourDoctors.Online
Raihan Masroor

Her team was super transparent in terms of expectations, goals, and challenges. Thanks to The Square Peg, the platform saw a 400% increase in revenue while minimalizing their acquisition costs. The company appreciated the fact that the team never over-promised on anything with the project, setting their expectations properly.

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Panasian Engineering and Installation Company

The SquarePeg helped me re-design and rebrand all my collateral. I appreciate their contemporary and out-of-the-box approach.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Adnan Iqbal
City Clinics

I hired the services of The SquarePeg for the digital establishment and promotion of my specialized City Clinics here in Wah, Pakistan and I have received quality client services with prompt responses and a very comprehensive marketing strategy. They divided the campaign in three phases that required brand establishment and then promotion. I have been satisfied by the outcome I have been able to receive so far and recommend the entire team of The SquarePeg.


An A.I Powered Health Intelligence Platform, SenSights by LocateMotion is an innovative health and wellness solution that provides value to clients by enabling them to grow revenue, improve patient satisfaction and reduce hospital readmission rates.

YouR DOctors Online

Your Doctors Online provides access to quality healthcare services through their mobile app. They eliminate the barriers that keep many people from accessing healthcare such as taking time off work, high medical costs and exposure to unwanted germs.