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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which Platform Is Right for Your Business?

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads Which Platform Is Right for Your Business

Google and Facebook Ads, Your Dynamic Marketing Duo!

Often, small businesses and startups grow organically with word of mouth, but after a certain level, paid marketing becomes essential to take things up a notch. With limited budget and time, companies swing between the dilemma – where to start to get the most bang for your buck? Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Fortunately, we have answers to this question. So, read on further to explore what type of ads will suit your business.

What Is Google Ads?

As its name suggests, Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) is a paid advertisement platform by Google that allows advertisers to bid to show brief advertisements, product listings, videos, or service offerings to web users. Google Ads places paid ads in the website search results like on Google or Bing and non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps.

What Is Facebook Ads?

It is Facebook’s targeted advertising platform. Ads can appear in Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s Feed, and non-Facebook websites and apps within the Meta ecosystem. These ads are available in various formats like videos, slideshare, single images, and more that could be highly specific to targeted audiences.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

You’ve likely come across both kinds of ads while browsing search engines or Facebook. Now, let’s understand how these ads function. Both Google and Facebook operate as advertising platforms using a pay-per-click (PPC) model. When you craft an ad on either platform, you participate in an auction where you bid on the amount you’re willing to pay for ad space. Thereupon, the user gets billed a specific amount every time someone clicks on one of their client’s ads.

Paid Social vs Paid Search

It is necessary to comprehend the difference between paid social and paid search as it will assist users in deciding which option would be best suited for a specific client. Google Ads is a paid search which means you are paying to have your client’s listing featured on SERP (search engine result page). However, when clients’ ads are placed due to target keywords rather than targeting a distinctive audience interest, it is paid social.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads:
When To Use Which

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Facebook Ads

If users want to target a specific audience that has shown an interest in a client’s products or services, Facebook Ads are the best choice. These ads are extremely effective in improving the digital visibility on Facebook and driving high traffic to their websites. Also, Facebook Ads are customizable and can achieve specific goals like increasing impressions, improving engagement or traffic, or enhancing the average CTR (click-through rate.)

Google Ads

Google Ads offers effective advertising as it drives qualified traffic to clients’ businesses, especially when targeted audiences are actively exploring specific services or products using relevant keywords. As users input keywords into their search queries, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) displays results, including paid ads.

How To Use Google Ads & Facebook Ads Simultaneously?

Users can employ Google Ads and Facebook Ads together to achieve super-effective outcomes. People usually check reviews of brands or products before purchasing. For instance, when folks check out any business Facebook Ads, they might like what they see but want to know more.
A cool trick: use your client’s brand name as a keyword in Google Ads. So, when people search for it, they’ll see ads with the same message as your Facebook Ads. This way, it makes it easy for them to find exactly what they want. It’s like telling them, “Check out our social”, This strategy will make your brand more reliable.

Benefits of Combined Marketing Strategy

The use of combined Facebook Ads and Google Ads is a smart move, as Facebook Ads make people notice the brand, and Google Ads bring back those who are interested in making a purchase. For example, someone sees your client’s Facebook ad for amazing kitchen towels but isn’t ready to buy. The next time they need a kitchen towel, they search on Google and see your client’s ad again. It’s a reminder of those excellent kitchen towels they liked.
It works the other way too. Someone clicks on a Google ad, adds something to their cart, and then a Facebook Ad reminds them about what they liked, just in case they forgot.
Using both Facebook Ads and Google Ads is like having a powerful duo. Give it a try for your clients, and you’ll see great results!

Take Away

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads stand out as powerful advertising platforms suitable for nearly every business type. When assessing the strengths and potential applications of each platform, it becomes evident that they should be seen as complementary rather than adversaries. Both paid search and paid social form a highly effective advertising strategy. However, this approach requires a dual approach aligned with the strengths of each platform. It is crucial to grasp the optimal utilization of each platform to maximize ROI and foster business growth.

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